Chief Justice SHC allowed our Client’s Criminal Transfer Application on the ‘first date’ of hearing

By March 29, 2021 September 28th, 2023 No Comments

Criminal Transfer Application has been allowed/dispose-off by the Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh (Karachi) on 29.03.2021. The Application was argued by the Firm’s Founding Partner Barrister Junaid Ahmed, and the Chief Justice was gracious to grant an extra ordinary relief by allowing/dispose-off the criminal transfer application on the same day without notice to the other side.

By way of background, the Court of Narcotics Substance at Karachi No. II is vacant for the past few months and the Link Judge (Court No. 1) was hesitant to pass any order on our Client’s post-arrest bail application considering the number of pending cases. However, after the order passed by the Chief Justice which specifically directed the Link Judge to decide the application within 7 days, we are hopeful to get the requisite relief from the trial Court without any impediment.