Taxes are universal. Every single adult person deals with matters related to taxation either directly or indirectly. It is ironic that despite its all-pervasive nature, taxation is an area understood by very, very few people. In the field of law as well, tax lawyers are as rare as hens’ teeth. This is because it is a niche area that requires a firm grasp of concepts that go well beyond a lawyer’s typical branch of work. We are proud to state that we are among one of the leading tax lawyers of Pakistan and in the past few years have able to to obtain various reliefs from the Courts including injunction on the recovery, exemption, audit and other ancillary areas. Out team is competent to deal with areas of finance, accounting and compliance, and thus able to make a case which can stand in the court of law.

It is important to understand that if matters of taxes are not well-handled, businesses, as well as individuals, can find themselves run aground. In Pakistan especially, the Federal Board of Revenue (‘FBR’) comes hard upon anyone who they suspect of tax fraud or evasion, and so in order to protect yourself and your business, a competent lawyer is an absolute must. Being one of the leading tax lawyers we pride ourself on a team that is the number one solution to specialized matters of tax that may involve a heavy price.
For routine tax and customs matters, our team can advise and represent in matters relating to corporate taxation, sales tax, income tax, customs duties, coercive recovery by the Federal Board of Revenue, and other local government taxes.