JA Legal helps parties resolve disputes amicably by acting as a neutral third-party mediator.

In mediation, the parties are helped to reach a mutually acceptable decision, which serves to be non-binding on them. Due to the long-drawn and expensive nature of court proceedings, mediation can be a very strong option for parties to reach a settlement.

Many times, especially in family or commercial disputes, the opposing party is a part of your flesh and blood, a parent, a sibling, a child, or a spouse. Due to this sensitive nature of the relationship, both parties may be disinclined to favor litigation in the courts, and so the matter can unnecessarily remain unresolved. So sometimes mediation is the best solution for such cases since the mediator plays a proactive yet guiding role in the journey to the best possible outcome.

Mediation is a completely confidential procedure, and in the odd scenario where it fails and court proceedings are required, nothing said or disclosed within the mediation sessions, would be admissible in court. Mediation sessions are usually a combination of joint and private sessions, for the mediator to aid the parties as best as possible.

In many jurisdictions Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) which includes mediation is becoming obligatory before heading to a court since its nature is such that allows more innovative and flexible solutions, that may represent justice for the parties better.
The JA Legal team is well-conditioned to handle disputes via mediation and would recommend it as a first step in some sensitive cases.