MRC of payment of rent has been allowed & disposed-off on the ‘first date’ of hearing

By June 5, 2021 September 28th, 2023 No Comments

Miscellaneous Rent Application (‘MRC’) of Payment of Rent under Section 10 of the Sindh Rented Premise Ordinance, 1979  has been allowed on the ‘first date’ by the Senior Civil Judge/Rent Controller (East) Karachi . By way of background, an Eviction Petition has been  filed against our Client along with the Rent deposit application under Sindh Rented Premise Ordinance, 1979.

However, no order was passed on any application and the matter was sub-judice. Nonetheless, when our Client approached the alleged landlord to deposit the rent, however, he refused to accept the same. In the meantime,  our Client  tried to send the monthly rent via Money Order through Pakistan Post but the same was again refused by the Landlord. The motive of the Landlord was to show that the tenant i.e. our Client, has defaulted on its contractual obligations hence liable to be evicted.

In view of the above, and to mitigate and manage the situation, our law firm was engaged to pursue all the matters and we filed Miscellaneous Rent Application under Section 10 of the Sindh Rented Premise Ordinance, 1979. The application was argued by Barrister Junaid Ahmed and after hearing the arguments, the Court allowed the application and dispose-off the same. The order shall allow our client to deposit the monthly rent in court in order to avoid any default .