Post-Arrest Bail has been granted to our Client by the Special Narcotics Court Karachi

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Post Arrest Bail has been granted to our Client who was inn judicial custody in Central Jail Malir (Karachi) by the Court of Narcotics Substances (Karachi) on 03.04.2021. Our Client has been allegedly charged under Section 6, 7 & 8 of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997.

By way of background, our Client i.e. the accused, was arrested by Custom authorities based on the FIR pertaining to the import of ‘marijuana’ from Los Angeles, USA to Karachi, Pakistan.  After the arrest, our firm was engaged both for the Post-Arrest Bail and Trial.

We filed the Bail Application before the concerned Court, however ,considering the relevant court has been vacant for the past few months, and the Link Judge was not willing to adjudicate the matters in light of no notification. We moved a Criminal Transfer Application before the High Court of Sindh (Karachi) in order to expedite the adjudication of our Client’s case. Subsequently, our Criminal Transfer Application was fixed for hearing on 29.03.2021, before the  Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh (Karachi) and the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh was gracious to grant an extra ordinary relief by allowing/dispose-off our criminal transfer application on the same day of hearing with express directions to decide our Client’s bail within seven (7) days.

Consequently, on 03.04.2021 when the Post arrest Bail application was fixed before the Link Judge i.e. Special Judge of Court of Narcotics Substances I, Karachi, the court granted the Post-Arrest Bail. It must be noted that both criminal transfer application and Post-Arrest Bail Application were argued to our Firm’s Founding Partner Barrister  Junaid Ahmed, and both the reliefs were granted on the first date of hearing.