Sindh High Court has restrained Trading Corporation of Pakistan from passing any Final Order

By July 13, 2021 September 28th, 2023 No Comments

The High Court of Sindh at Karachi headed by  Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar passed an order whereby it  restrained the Trading Corporation of Pakistan Limited (‘TCP’) from passing any Final Order against our Client i.e. Deputy Manager at TCP. By way of background, our Client was aggrieved from the unlawful actions and practices of  TCP as having served more than 20 years at TCP, the Defendants  malafidely and unlawfully threatening our Client of dismissal from service/employment in blatant violations of service rules, laws and Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan on unfounded allegation of submitting a forged document.

JA Legal Founding Partner Barrister Junaid Ahmed has been engaged and the Honorable Judge Mr. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar passed on 13.07.2021 passed an order and restrained the corporation from passing any Final Order till the next date of hearing. As the matter is now in the Court and is sub-judice, hence the Defendant needs to justify its illicit actions against our Client.

It is important to highlight that this relief was granted when a country-wide strike was called by the Bar Associations and Pakistan Bar Council on the issue of judges’ appointments for the Supreme Court of Pakistan and for that day this was the only order passed by the Honorable Judge and we must admire the indulgence extended.

Order – 13.7.2021 – Suit 1563_2021