The Court of Senior Civil Judge directed WorldCall to pay arrears of rent together with @12% mark-up to our Client.

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The Court of Senior Civil Judge Karachi passed a judgment on 16.03.2022 where it decreed the Civil Suit against Worldcall Telecom Limited for recovery of its arrears of rent of PKR. 12,075,000 together with a mark-up @ 12% per annum along with direction to pay income tax deduction certificates from the period of March 2019 to May 2019.

By way of background, Worldcall refused to vacate our Client’s Premises, and he was constrained to initiate legal proceedings through our firm and was represented by Barrister Junaid Ahmed assisted by Kawish Naqvi, Advocate, and the team were successful in obtaining various orders including, but not limited to, Rent Execution Order,  Writ of Possession and Police Aid orders respectively.  Consequently, the premises were handed over to our Client by the Court’s Bailiffs in supervision of Police in November 2020.

Nonetheless, since WorldCall did not deposit nor pay the requisite rent from June 2019 till November 2020 amounting to PKR. 12,075,000/- hence, the Plaintiff ,through our firm, again filed the Civil Suit before the Court of Senior Civil Judge Karachi (South) and the Court after recording the evidence, pleased to decreed the Civil Suit as prayed on 16th March 2022.