The Sindh High Court issued notices to the Prosecutor General of Sindh and SHO of PS Awami Colony Korangi

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The Sindh High Court at Karachi on 24.08.2021, issued notices to the Prosecutor General of Sindh and SHO of  Awami Colony Korangi Police Station, as well as the Proposed Accused on a Petition filed by our Client under Criminal Procedure Code read with Article 199 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

By way of background, the issue arose when the proposed accused manipulated his mother to execute a Power of Attorney in his name in relation to an immovable property owned by her and even after the revocation of the Power of Attorney, he had nonetheless tried to sell the property to a third party usurping the rights of all the other legal heirs as the Principal died in the meantime. The Applicants had engaged JA Legal founding partners Barrister Junaid Ahmed and Barrister Umair Usman to peruse the matter before the Trial and High Court.

The Applicants had perused the Police for the Registration of an FIR but the same was unlawfully denied hence the instant Petition before the Honorable High Court of Sindh.