JA Legal has extensive experience in criminal defense. We have applied for Bail for our clients, as well as conducted trials representing them.

We can also deal with a wide array of issues in this area, including but not limited to matters linked with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Investigative Agency (FIA), and Federal Revenue Board (FBR).

We frequently advise individuals in relation to the correct strategies which they need to adopt in order to mitigate future loss. For instance, sometimes it is advisable to take a proactive approach when a client knows that an investigation/inquiry has been initiated against him in relation to some movable and/or immovable property, and if the client is innocent and if there is reasonable evidence in favor of him, it is strongly strategic to file a constitutional petition or sometimes a suit against the relevant governmental department(s) and its officers.

JA Legal can advise and represent you in money laundering cases and illegal property transactions as well.