Real Estate and Property Law often is one of the most high-value subject areas for legal pursuit. They are also emotionally sensitive areas because we know that any matter related to property is important to the client, usually, since many times, a client’s life savings have gone into obtaining the property. Further, they are mostly embroiled in tedious litigation or the possibility of litigation.  We are one of the leading property lawyers in Karachi with a strong and proven track record of handling sensitive and high-profile cases. It is important to highlight that in the past few years, we have successfully able to obtain big reliefs from both High Courts and District Courts including the Rent Controllers. The reliefs include but not limited to eviction, rent recovery, the dispute in ownership, transfer of ownership in legal heirs after the death of the owner(s), partition, and other ancillary reliefs including stay-order/injunctions on properties.

Moreover, especially in Pakistan, there is illicit practice whereby the rights of the lawful legal heirs are suppressed by few individuals by executing fraudulent documents in a form of a gift deed in order to make a transaction look legal which in essence is an unlawful activity. The Courts on numerous occasions have granted reliefs to litigants provided their case especially at the evidence and final argument stage is effectively proceeded and proper assistance is provided to the court/judges. Thus, it is extremely important that your lawyer is competently handling the case from the start so that the ‘Justice’ can be done by the Court.

Some of the services and advice that we offer to our clients are built over many years of working with key personnel in the property spheres of Pakistan. Being one of the leading property laws in Karachi, we work with property developers, public and private owners, investors, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and lenders which incidentally also are our clients.

Rent and Eviction:

One key note in this area is that all cases of rent and eviction are heard before the district court/Rent Controller, no matter the value of the property. At JA Legal, we make sure that these cases are treated with the same care we would a case of a superior court. We know that your property is sacrosanct to you, and no corners can be cut in order in obtaining relief.