Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer agreement with a reputable law firm can greatly benefit your business by providing you with consistent and reliable legal support tailored to your specific needs. With a monthly retainer, you gain access to a dedicated team of experienced attorneys who are intimately familiar with your business and its legal requirements. This arrangement allows for a proactive approach, where your legal advisors can actively monitor potential issues, provide timely advice, and help you navigate complex legal landscapes. By establishing a long-term partnership through a monthly retainer, you can effectively manage legal risks, enhance compliance, and ultimately focus on driving the growth and success of your business with the peace of mind that your legal needs are well taken care of.

Each client may have separate needs for their retainer, which is why our retainers are individualized for each client’s specific business. Professional fee in a retainer arrangement accrue too much lesser than if you obtained the legal services falling under it individually.

Corporate Consultancy and Litigation 

When it comes to our legal services, we strive to provide transparent and fair pricing structures tailored to the needs of our clients. For the majority of our services, JA Legal offer fixed advance fees, which can be paid either as a lump-sum amount or in installments, depending on the nature of the case.

Our professional legal fees are determined by various factors, ensuring that they accurately reflect the complexity of the facts and applicable laws involved. These factors may include the time sensitivity of the matter, the duration of court or tribunal proceedings, the disputed amount, number of procedural steps required, the location of hearings, engagement of opposing lawyers, the forum in which the case is heard (such as the High Court, Supreme Court or a Tribunal) and other relevant considerations.

We understand that cost transparency and fairness are vital concerns for our clients. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with a clear understanding of our fee structure and ensuring that you receive exceptional legal services that are aligned with your specific requirements.