If you are an overseas law firm looking for legal advice on Pakistani laws, JA Legal is a one-stop firm to cater to your needs. We are keenly positioned in all the provinces and districts of Pakistan, especially metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Quetta and Islamabad. In the odd case where we cannot provide you with a service, we would thus connect you to the best contact to assist you.

Receiving queries from overseas law firms is a bulk of what we do. A wide variety of queries are on the following areas:


⦁ Immigration
⦁ Family
⦁ IP (trademark and patent)
⦁ Inheritance
⦁ Property
⦁ Employment


In this regard, we provide advice in the form of:

⦁ Legal opinions on Pakistan Laws and related procedural matters
⦁ Representation before Pakistani courts
⦁ Guidebooks in a specialized area of Pakistani law


We truly believe in building a lasting and mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you. For that, we adhere to strict international standards and protocols and also make sure to keep our channels with you transparent and accessible. If you wish to be part of our JA Legal Global Reach team or wish to seek advice from us, please feel free to contact us.