PEMRA passed an Order against GEO to Broadcast a Public Apology to our Client

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PEMRA Councils of Complaints passed an order on 05.03.2021 against Geo Tv Network whereby the channel accepted its mistake, and undertake to broadcast the Public Apology to our Client.

The Complaint was filed by JA Legal Founding Partner Barrister Junaid Ahmed assisted by Mr. Kawish Hussain on behalf of Mrs. Nalini Prabha W/o Rana Hanif Singh (MPA and Ex-Federal Minister) in relation to the defamatory and derogatory remarks/representation broadcasted in the TV Show ‘Kharbarnak’.

It is important to highlight that this is the first case in Pakistan where a Public Apology has been broadcasted with respect to a parody and/or a comedy show. PEMRA CoC ORDER 05.03.2021 – against Geo