The High Court of Sindh in Karachi has issued a directive to the Engineering Development Board (EDB), instructing them to publish the import quota applicable to manufacturers falling under the Greenfield Status. It is noteworthy that in 2016, the Government of Pakistan introduced a 5-year Automobile Policy, granting specific customs concessions to investors for a duration of 5 years from the manufacturing date.

However, subsequently government introduced certains SROS, resulting in the unilateral withdrawal of customs concessions previously awarded to manufacturers. These changes include the imposition of certain requirements, notably an export obligation. It is essential to recognize the impracticality of establishing a manufacturing plant and commencing exports within a 5-year timeframe.

Regal Automobiles Industries Limited, engaged our firm, represented by its Founding Partner Barrister Junaid Ahmed, to challenge these illicit developments. Our client, involved in the manufacturing and assembly of DFSK automobiles in Pakistan, has filed a Constitutional Petition before the High Court of Sindh. In response, the High Court has issued an interim order, facilitating the upload of our client’s import quota. Consequently, our client can now import assembled parts under the same concessionary duty, and the adverse effects of the SRO have been legally suspended, deemed unlawful and illegal.